Chad Nedohin is an Edmonton, Alberta based Worship Leader whose dedicated his musical abilities entirely to serving The Father; he believes that in a world that so desperately needs Jesus that we should seek and serve Him whole heartedly. That means complete focus on worship music.

Having recorded in Nashville and spent time as a professional worship leader in Alberta, Chad's variety of worship music experience and years of dedication have yielded a fantastic excellence in his trade. 

A new father, Chad enjoys spending time worshiping Jesus with his family. Chad's wife Nicky is VERY supportive of the mission God's given them. i.e. she's never given him grief about the time, money, effort, and agony required to be a worship leader (Some of you might not believe me but it's true). 

As part of his worship ministry, Chad enjoys teaching worship and mentoring junior worship leaders/musicians.Using his strategic mindset, Chad approaches each teaching opportunity uniquely and provides a clear and simple path for his students/mentees to reach their desired goal... to lead AMAZING worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!





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