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Chad Nedohin is a worship leader from Edmonton, Alberta who lives to worship Jesus and the Father. In a world that so desperately needs Jesus, he believes we should seek and serve Jesus whole heartedly. Accordingly, Chad focuses his musical efforts entirely on worship.

The Latest

Chad’s most recent accomplishment is the release of his new worship single: Crimson to White. As the writer, main performer (vocals, guitars, bass, and some keys), recording engineer, and producer of the track (at night after the kids go to sleep), Crimson to White is 100% Canadian content. 


Chad is currently working on a Christmas worship single and three other worship singles (stay tuned for those).


Aside from the unmeasurable blessing of Salvation and Eternity with Jesus, Chad’s greatest blessings are his wife Nicky Nedohin and his children Sawyer and Violet. Chad and Nicky make sure that Sawyer and Violet are constantly aware of Jesus in everything they do. Family prayer and Bible story time is a major priority. 

Chad's wife Nicky is his greatest partner in the ministry field; they work together to accomplish the goals that God places in them. 


When not actively touring and playing out as a worship leader, Chad and Nicky focus their ministry efforts on outreach to everyone and anyone around them. They also host regular worship nights in their studio where friends and family gather for hours of prayer and unrestrained worship of Jesus with the God of the Universe present.

Having recorded in Nashville and spent time as a professional worship leader at both large and small churches in Alberta, Chad's variety of worship music experience and years of dedication have yielded a fantastic excellence in his trade; he is well versed (pardon the pun) in the spiritual, performance, technical, and administrative aspects of being a worship leader/pastor. 

As part of his worship ministry, Chad enjoys teaching worship and mentoring junior worship leaders/musicians. Using his strategic mindset, Chad approaches each teaching opportunity uniquely and provides a clear and simple path for his students/mentees to reach their desired goal... to lead AMAZING worship of Jesus!


When not raising a family and leading worship, Chad runs his own engineering firm providing engineering services to Canadian pipeline companies. 

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